The Act

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Some photos of what goes on during the flying

Back to a World War II training field, the Aerobatic Stage Check is performed in front of your crowd...

Start, Taxi, Takeoff

While on the flight line, Skipper adds to the look and feel.

The Roar of the Harvard

While the routine is generally an air start, ground starts are a possibility.  We are more than willing to work with your Air Boss and your parameters.


She's old and the FAA doesn't let me do everything I'd like...

These were all designed for combat

And the naration notes explain how the cadet/student was going to go from here to his wings to protecting democracy.

Roundy-rounds too

Formation qualified, Skipper doesn't mind joining in with the other warbirds to add to that dimension of your show either.

Practice or Media Rides

A hazy summer afternoon in upstate NY.

Period gear helps set the stage

Helmet and goggles make the man.

Smoke On

She still gives lots of smoke and lots of noise.


But there's a good explanation for the naration to explain what the purpose of each manuever is.

Majesty of flight

Media and sponsor rides can also be available.

A T-6 without smoke... well....

It is a nice smoke system.

Will Fly with Others

In this case; Rob Holland, Aerobatic Champion and ICAS Art Scholl Award winner 2012.  Way to go Rob!  He also helped me get some of these pictures.

That's All Folks!

Ain't no sound like big and round...